23 June 2008

Wedding season

Click for photos of the kitchen shower.

Sunday I went to a wedding shower in Hastings-on-Hudson, in Westchester County. The shower was kitchen-themed, replete with invitations shaped like an electric mixer and large wrapped boxes containing a silver 3 tier plate stand, melamine mixing bowls and a cow creamer. Men were cast out of the house, leaving a gaggle of women, young and old, to discuss women things. In between wine tasting and cake, we played a game of "Livial Pursuit." Livia and her fiancé John's wedding is July 26 in Bermuda.

Wedding season continues with a lingerie shower for my friend Emily, in Houston, Texas. I imagine it will be similar to the kitchen shower, just with more lace and silk and less melamine and silver.

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Jon said...

did you come to new york with nary a peep?