23 June 2008

Noémie rock climbing in Austin.

And Stuff

Noémie Hamon of the seaside resort of Brittany, Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, recently relocated to Seattle, where she will continue to share her language and food—some of the best quinoa and crêpes I have ever tasted. Herewith, a few of the Castin's favorite things…
photograph by SARAH STAYER | October 2007

Favorite art cinema
Pets cat
Where do you live? In between two worlds
Favorite neighborhood restaurant? Le Ker Flor
Mac or PC? mac

Jeans any kind that’s comfortable
Underwear yes ;) same as above
Sneakers don’t know what that is
T-Shirt lots and lots, but all look the same in the end: (too) simple
Day bag little leather “sacoche” bought in Chile
Evening bag ahah, same as above!
Favorite discovery? Comptoir des cotonniers
Necessary extravagance? Not so much

Beauty products
Lipstick no
Mascara yes, yes, Loréal, parce que je le vaux bien :D
Shampoo tons
Hair product sometimes
Perfume lots and lots, gotta cover that French smell ;)
Toothpaste any kind, as long as it feels fresh
Soap savon d’Alep
Nail polish color natural
Where do you get your hair cut? Aveda Institute
Brows waxed? No, way too lazy

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