18 August 2008

An email about Yogyakarta, which he much prefers to Jakarta, this photo from Design Observer. A phone call about Come to Seattle we can have a coffee and Come to my wedding party in France next summer. A phone call about Come to Brussels more than once. All of these things I want to be anywhere but where I am, or is it just something I got used to saying.

12 August 2008

Secret Passwords

I WAS JUST GOOGLING AROUND to find if the word "than" in "No One Belongs Here More than You" should be capitalized (it should), and I stumbled upon this. I'm annoyed by and in love with it, not unlike my feelings about the actual stories so far. If you have the time, be sure to visit Miranda July's web site.

In my post-Olympics depression, I will probably steal a dry erase marker from work and draw or write (or both!) all over my stove unit.

What's your password?

Why Dexter isn't bad

Dexter's opening credit sequence

SOMETIMES I START A POST and don't finish. Because I leave my computer to use the toilet or to peer into my refrigerator. "Why Dexter isn't bad" is one of these posts that was autosaved. Thanks, Blogger. But right now I'm not really in the mood to get into why Dexter isn't bad. Because I want to get back to watching the Olympics. Duh.

Lines like If I had a heart, it might be breaking.

Commitment, sharing, driving people to the airport.

10 August 2008

The State of Texas Vs. Me

A WHILE AGO I got a ticket for not wearing my lap belt. Lucky me—I was riding in a friend's old Corolla, in which the passenger seat has separate lap and sash belts. The unjust part of the whole affair is that, while we were parked at a red light, the policeman walked over to us from a nearby gas station, from where he could not have seen that I was not wearing my lap belt. Initially he asked for my friend's license, but upon realizing that she was all buckled up, he asked for my license.

As much as I complain about it, I don't mind defensive driving. I'm taking the American Safety Council's Texas Safe Motorist Course, an online course. Not only does it dismiss my ticket, it also makes me snicker. Here are just a couple reasons why.

Imagine running as fast as you can - into a wall. You'd expect to get pretty banged up. Do you think you could stop yourself if the wall suddenly loomed up when you were two feet away from it? This is exactly the situation you face when the front of your car hits something at only 15 miles an hour.

Children can manipulate their pliable little bodies out of car seats and, emulating adults as they love to do, shift the vehicle out of PARK.