17 June 2008

My stuff, your stuff, and stuff

N SEPTEMBER, I asked my friends to be a part of my rip-off of Vanity Fair's My Stuff. Emily Allen was the first to reply.
September 2007

And Stuff
Texas A&M-educated, talented, and funny, ABC 40 reporter-turned-teacher Emily Allen, who has been a friend of mine since first grade, will marry fellow Aggie Austin Bird on July 5, in Houston, Texas. Herewith, a few of her favorite things…

Favorite art personal photos
Sheets pink cotton, of course (though I had “jersey cotton” once in college, and it was quite soft)
Coffee-maker I don’t drink coffee.
Pets I take care of a bunch of plants on my patio. That’s the most I can handle right now.
Where do you live? Kingwood, TX
Favorite neighborhood restaurant? Italiano’s. Small community feel, original Italian recipes, friendly staff
Favorite cocktail? Shirley Temples with extra cherries (no, I’m not kidding)
Mac or PC? PC, I freeze up when I try to use a Mac for a prolonged amount of time.

Jeans I have yet to find a brand that’s great right away. I like them after I wear them for a couple of years...during that last six months before they rip.
Underwear boy shorts all the way
Sneakers I don’t know...whatever is in my closet.
T-Shirt I really like my solid cotton tees. I have one in every color.
Day bag Depends on the season
Evening bag I’m not motivated enough to change bags for an evening out.
Favorite discovery? Everything is loaded with germs. One test has even found other people’s FECAL MATTER in sample make-up at department stores. Lesson learned: Carry sanitizer with you everywhere you go.
Necessary extravagance? good bras from VS

Beauty products
Lipstick Cover Girl WetSlicks Crystals #430 (I understand that pre-teens probably buy this shade, but it provides the nicest shimmery color out of everything I’ve tried.)
Mascara whatever comes in the free gift
Shampoo Herbal Essences Smoothing Shampoo (mandarin balm & pearls)
Moisturizer Clinique Advanced Stop Signs Eye Cream (before the wrinkles get out of control)
Hair product Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Serum
Perfume rotate between 8, Givenchy Very Irresistible, and Angel
Toothpaste Something minty and not too pasty
Soap bath soap: Irish Spring, hand soap: Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel
Nail polish color Right now, a deep burgandy/brown for the fall
Where do you get your hair cut? I haven’t found a place yet.
Brows waxed? I haven’t found a place yet, but I highly recommend it at least once a month for shaping.

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