17 June 2008

Laura Anderson, at Restaurant Nora, in Washington, D.C.

And Stuff

Columbia student/New York Times Syndicate International Assistant/temporary omnivore Laura Anderson is back from a year in Paris this fall. Herewith, a few of the Botticellian beauty's favorite things…
Photograph by ANN CHOU | December 2006

Favorite art Prints of Dutch still lifes. Full disclosure: they were already here when I arrived, along with other less aesthetically-pleasing photographs, paintings, and mini-sculptures (including a 13-inch Venus de Milo).
Sheets Light blue.
Coffee-maker None. My host family has a tea-maker called Tea Genie that looks very cool but produces really watery tea.
Pets None.
Where do you live? In the spare room of the de la Feronniere family’s apartment, on Avenue Georges Mandel, in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris.
Favorite neighborhood restaurant? I’ll get back to you when I find one.
Favorite cocktail? Gin gimlet, straight up.
Mac or PC? Mac.

Clothes Jeans Gap. They fit me.
Underwear Patagonia, preferably with stripes or flowers.
Sneakers New Balance running shoes, the kind made without leather.
T-Shirt I told myself I wouldn’t bring t-shirts to France, but I kind of wish I had my “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” t-shirt.
Day bag A ragged fair-trade-handmade-in-Guatemala purse embroidered with green flowers.
Evening bag None. I make do.
Favorite discovery? My thick red Polartec robe that I live in during winter months.
Necessary extravagance? Vegan EarthShoes? They’re kind of expensive.

Beauty products
Lipstick Carmex.
Mascara The Body Shop Define and Lengthen in black. (The Body Shop conned me into buying a membership card awhile back, so now I try to buy all my makeup there. Plus, you know, they don’t test on animals.)
Shampoo Some all-natural jojoba stuff from Whole Foods.
Moisturizer Usually, Neutrogena SPF 30. Currently, RoC SPF 15.
Hair product L’Oréal Elsève Crème de Lumière Nutri-Gloss pour cheveux longs, éteints. It comes in a pink bottle, and it’s kind of amazing!
Perfume None.
Toothpaste Anything blanchissant.
Soap ?
Nail polish color None.
Where do you get your hair cut? My last haircut was at the Toni & Guy Salon on the Upper East Side, where haircuts and products are free. But I’m growing out my hair now.
Brows waxed? No. I’ve been blessed (cursed?) with invisible eyebrows.

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Laura said...

For the record, I've since moved and obtained a coffeemaker that I can't live without. I still wear Earth Shoes, though.