19 April 2009

I have been loving the April showers in Houston but am sad to say that, according to my Mac OS X Dashboard weather Widget, we’re to expect sun all next week. On days like today—73 degrees, fair—I find myself saying, “It’s beautiful out,” or “I love this weather,” when actually I prefer dark clouds and an impending storm. Does that depress you?…In an attempt at learning How to Enjoy Sunday, I installed myself at Antidote Coffee (729 Studewood) for several hours, where I enjoyed a double soy latté a piece of moist zucchini bread, the company of my friend F, and the surprising convenience of a power outlet under my seat. How often does that happen at a coffee shop, on a weekend? Also, the folks at Antidote will let you use their scissors if you ask.

After finishing The Wire I did not return that hallowed Netflix disc for quite some time. (Speaking of Netflix, you can watch the premiere episode of The Tudors: Season 3 instantly through April 20—tomorrow!) Some might say I was in mourning. Since realizing there might be life after The Wire, I have watched the following movies, in order: Friends with Money (2006), Shopgirl (2005), The Machinist (2004), and Badlands (1973). Coincidentally, the first three are set in LA, although The Machinist was shot in Barcelona. The first one I loved and will not write about. The second one, well, don’t go off of your antidepressants, kids! You will go through a Blue Period! And I warn, Claire Danes cries, which is one of my least favorite things to watch. It is brief, though.

The Machinist was probably the best in that I’ll probably add it to my small yet selective DVD collection. Or at least add it to my Amazon Wish List (ahem). For those who haven’t seen it, the film is about a machinist—you know, an industrial worker—who hasn’t slept in a year (I know, how is that possible?), which is really painful to watch. I really tried to imagine how the main character Trevor Reznik, played by Christian Bale, was feeling. So I tried to remember, in college, how it felt to operate my car after working in [architecture] studio for however many hours—shit-ty. That’s as much empathy as I could conjure. In any case, The Machinist confirms that Christian Bale is crazy and one of the best actors of our time. (The supporting roles of Jones and Jackson are played by actors in The Wire!)

As for Badlands, my friend L in Austin is working on Terrence Malick’s latest film Tree of Life (starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, wow!) and I figured I’d study up on “Terry’s” (that’s what L calls him) earlier films before watching Tree of Life when it comes out in 2010, according to IMDb. I haven’t finished watching Badlands but I’ll let you know if I have any other thoughts than, “What the f--- is wrong with you, Holly??”…In other news, Gossip Girl is rocking my world. Is it rocking yours?


Nik said...

Not yet, but when are we going to start watching Battlestar Galactica so I can pretend I'm one of the cool dorks, rather than one of the dorky dorks?

maisie said...

If you like rain, you should come to Brussels. Also, I agree that watching Claire Danes cry is excruciating.