11 March 2009

Weather, Models, Gossip, and Karma

It's been warm in Houston, and as a fan of cold weather, I'm looking forward to the cooler temperatures we're expecting over the course of the next few days. But my new colleague and I feel this will be the last of it, which is too bad…Am looking forward to the second episode of America's Next Top Model tonight (MAKEOVERS). They are looking for girls 5'-7" and under for the next cycle, and I seriously considered applying because, you know, there industry really needs a 5'-6" 140-lb twenty-five-year-old model on the runway (ha ha ha!), but I realized I already have a job…Gossip Girl finally returns with "The Age of Dissonance" on Monday, March 16 (Daily Intel's reality index!) As for the actual episode, according to Wikipedia:
The Constance Billard and St. Jude seniors put on a production of "The Age of Innocence" and find their personal lives mirroring conflicts in the play. Serena develops a crush on the play’s director, Julian, and enlists Vanessa’s knowledge of theater to help her get the otherwise uninterested guy’s attention. Blair receives devastating news about her future that leads her on a witch-hunt for the person responsible. Dan and Rachel agree to stay away from each other in the aftermath of being discovered as more than teacher and student, but find it impossible to keep that promise. Chuck enlists help from an unlikely source to win over Blair, his nemesis Carter Baizen.
I lost my "Gossip Girlfriend" to Atlanta so I'm accepting applications for that position…Also, a word on exercising at the gym. Don't make fun of the squat Asian guy on the elliptical next to you, because somehow your earphones will fall out of your ears and to the ground, taking the iPod and you with it.

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I continue to read your blog :) It's one of my tabs on my computer
Can't wait to see you again