09 December 2008

Until Next Year, Gossip Girl


As far as Gossip Girl goes, reading anything other than Daily Intel's weekly reality index is like watching Beta Chuck and New Blair.

Last night's episode was good, for several reasons. Ed Westwick acts (a bit too hoarsely but who cares), and I laughed out loud a couple times, once when Jenny says to Dan, "OK, so can you put those feelings into words and say it out loud?" or something like that.

I really thought the episode ended when Blair and Chuck hold each other. GAWD. Shows how much I care about Lily's big secret, which turns out to be an abortion, after which she goes to a mental (?) hospital in France?? Pourquoi??

Other notables:
  • No Vanessa this week. Do people (in this case, Nate) not bring dates to funerals?
  • Good casting for Cece! I know we've seen her before, but this episode I thought, good casting, she could be Lily's mother!
  • Blair looks really pretty at Eleanor and Cyrus's wedding. Love that she covers her eyes when they kiss.
  • Serena. She always sounds like she's drowsy as hell/about to die.


Laura said...

All the people I live with watch Gossip Girl, and last night I joined them for the first time. It felt like a string of soap opera clichés strung together with minimal editing. (Which is not to say I didn't like it. I will probably watch it again. I will probably watch every single episode to date over the course of three days or so once I've finished finals.) Anyway, I thought that Rufus's question at the end implied that Lily had had the baby and then given it up for adoption (I mean, who learns the gender of their aborted baby?). Also, you should read Gawker's recap:


It's worthwhile mostly because they refer to Chuck as "Chuckles". And make sure you scroll down and read the first comment--it will blow your mind.

kbell said...

while i agree that DI's recaps at the best, i'd like to put in a word for Televisionwithoutpity's version. The dude who does them basically recaps the show like it's...hmm, what's more important than shakespeare? anyway, they're these 300 page stream of consciousness diatribes and they're pretty fing awesome.