21 May 2008

Short film

My last day in Paris I stayed in and packed. I left my flat once to buy a baguette and a pastry. I was hoping for a warm baguette—it's unlike anything else—but no luck. The man at the bakery also seemed fed up when I decided that, after he had wrapped an éclair for me, I also wanted a slice of tarte aux pommes. He let out a little puh and said something like, You want a box?!

No, I said, don't worry about it! Geez.

My dad's been here a week now. He came to take me home, essentially. Maybe he was worried I'd accidentally miss my flight. While I packed, or watched Gossip Girl and napped, my dad went to see the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, for which I lent him my camera. "Did you take some photos?" I asked.


"Did you film anything?"


Perhaps the best films are the ones you didn't know you were making. You know you love me. xo xo

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