18 May 2008

New food blog

After thirteen years of being a vegetarian, my friend Laura is eating meat. I was there for her first bite. You can read about it in her new blog.

I am not Morgan Spurlock, and I don’t particularly want to be supersized. I am not going to try to eat as many species of animals as possible in the next two and a half months, nor am I going to try to see how high I can push my blood cholesterol levels.

Nor do I wish for this to be a food diary of the fatuously enthusiastic "I ate this! Then I ate that!" variety. Food blogs are not necessarily relevant to anyone aside from the writer, and I am not so narcissistic as to think that what goes in my mouth is in and of itself a fascinating topic.

-A Temporary Omnivore in Paris

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Anonymous said...

J'aime beaucoup lire ton blog Ann