13 May 2008

The non-judging Breakfast Club

Since I watched episode 16 of Gossip Girl, which I religiously buy and download from iTunes, I've been, obviously, dying to watch episode 17—no pun intended. Having to wait for the next episode to appear on iTunes is definitely one of the downsides to living in Paris. If I see the title "All About My Brother" again, I'm going to scream. "Woman on the Verge." We Americans in Paris want Woman on the Verge. Before I do finally get to find out what exactly Serena did—aside from killing someone—I will have watched all the best clips I can find on YouTube and even some cast photo shoots in front of a green screen.

For those of you who don't watch because there aren't any gay characters, well, you can watch now.

Unfortunately, episode 18, cleverly titled "Much 'I Do' About Nothing is the season finale. But, thank god, there will be a second season with 24 new episodes this fall.

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