03 February 2008

Picard is the coolest!

After the trip, needless to say, I was excited to see Candy (the washing machine). But before I could say "faire la lessive" she died, and she took the power with her! I looked out the kitchen window to see if my neighbors had power; they did. Luckily, J assumed his gender role and flipped a switch that brought the power back. Since then, our landlady and her husband have come by, only to declare that Candy is, in fact, dead. And she will be replaced, in a week.

Maybe you're wondering about my laundry? A large part of Friday afternoon was spent at the laundromat up the street and its neighboring establishments. And how much did that cost? 3,50€ per load, and 0,50€ for five minutes of drying. Which cost me a total of 9€. And that doesn't include my visit to Picard, conveniently situated two doors down. If you like the freezer aisle, you'll like Picard. It is one big freezer aisle with everything you could want! Maybe you're thinking, "Frozen food? No, thank you." Well, see, you're wrong. The food is good! And if you're the kind of person who burns popcorn, each package has a small picture of a microwave, and/or an oven, and/or a pan, and how long you should nuke it, bake it, fry it.

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IG said...

ps: i ate all the fudgesicles you left behind. i take back what i said before. they were good.