07 July 2012

For Me…or for You?

Twin Peaks Map by Robert Farkas.

When I come across Cool Things (in this case, on Design Milk) like the above TWIN PEAKS MAP (!!), I don't know if I should buy it for myself or for one of my Twin Peaks-obsessed friends. If I bought it for myself I would have a really cool poster. Plus, it would go well with the apartment's Sol LeWitt walls (another post for another time). But if I bought it for a friend, well, that would make me a pretty cool friend.

But now that I've shared it here, chances are I'll neither buy it for myself nor for anyone else. In fact, by the time I publish this post, it will quickly be relegated to the ranks of soon-to-be-forgotten Internet finds. Depressing, I know.

(You can buy it here.)

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