11 January 2012


I don’t consider myself a blogger, but I do have a blog, and it’s a new year—such a new year, in fact, that it’s still okay to send new year cards…right?—so why not start blogging again, even if it’s only every three months?

I began Sit, Billy in September 2007 and since then have accumulated a number of draft posts, some of which I thought I would share, so I can delete them, finally.

Untitled (Excerpts from a chat session with “Megan F.” at j2 Global online support) (2008)
{Megan F.} I am sorry to hear that you wish to cancel. Can you please provide me with your Fax number which you wish to cancel and PIN for verification?
{Megan F.} I am waiting for your response.
{Megan F.} Ann, are you online with me?
{Ann} Sorry!
{Ann} OK

{Ann} I cannot be credited at all?
{Megan F.} I am sorry as per the records there is no refund applicable.
{Ann} (Are you a robot?)
{Ann} OK please just cancel my account.
{Megan F.} As per your request I will cancel your account with us immediately.

Laughing Out Loud (2009)
Living alone has been great. Living sans roommate also means lots of firsts, such as laughing out loud—alone. Which, in my opinion, is one of the best feelings in the world. So what's making me laugh out loud these days? A few things.
Ronna and Bev

Three Months Later (2010)
Yesterday I drove east to Upland to visit my best friend, who is visiting her parents. I met my friend and her parents in Claremont for lunch at Walter's Restaurant, where I ordered "bolawnies"—ground beef, potatoes and onions stuffed in a thin dough, deep-fried and served with fresh yogurt sauce—and a salad of fresh red beets, goat cheese and toasted walnuts in a raspberry citrus vinaigrette, both of which were good.

Fall Resolutions (2010)
Go to the Santa Monica farmers' market
Have my right bicycle pedal repaired
Finish the books I started

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