08 February 2010

This, of course, is the ad that Google aired during the Superbowl. Apparently it had already been online for a couple of months. It's a great ad for a number of reasons. Low production costs, the fact that it silenced a room full of people, the accompanying music and sounds (the door chime at the chocolate store, the Allo on the phone. It has its flaws – "he" (yes, it could be a "she") probably wouldn't have known the accent in très, in part because he misspelled Louvre, which I loved. But why did they end it with the crib? There was something nice about leaving the timeline open to interpretation. I mean, what, did he knock her up? I know, I know. But still. It crossed my mind. Otherwise, nice work, Google. I also really like your Google Docs one.

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