12 November 2009

What Twin Peaks will do to you

Sadly, I am fast approaching the last disc of the second and final season of Twin Peaks. This week my craving for cherry pie came to a head (huckleberry is too obscure). Until this morning, my search had only yielded a $14.99 pie at Whole Foods and nary a parking space at House of Pies. I am happy to share that, thanks to my colleague, I have found a pie – the Flying Saucer Pie Company’s cherry pie.

If you also find yourself in Houston with a craving for pie, I recommend going to the aforementioned Flying Saucer, where the pies “are out of this world.” The pies range in price from $8.75 to $10.75. They use only fresh eggs, all vegetable shortening, whipped topping (not on my cherry pie) and fresh fruit whenever possible; the pies contain no preservatives. And they claim to be the oldest pie shop in Houston operating out of the same location since 1975. I can only hope it’s as good as that of the Double R Diner.


IG said...

That makes me miss Houston and you.

(Have you seen Otto Preminger's "Laura"?)

Anonymous said...

That makes me soooo hungry!!!!! miam!!