24 November 2009

Bless Google

Having traveled a fair amount for work this year (Los Angeles in June, San Francisco in September and Boston in October, it is strange to be traveling for myself. Just me and my belongings – a mess of sweaters, cables and cords and the November and December issues of Martha Stewart Living. No business cards (aside from the nine I always carry in my wallet), brochures or the business casual skirt or dress. But I digress. When I traveled for work I often logged into Boingo at the airport to catch up on work emails and would love to catch up on personal emails this time around and browse my friends' Facebook statuses (how's this one: "my return from x-mas plane ticket confirmation code is NOWYOU") but didn't feel like shelling out the seven dollars or whatever it is. So while I'm flirting with idea of logging in, lo and behold I see a promotion from Google and Boingo – free airport Wi-Fi for the holidays!!

From Boingo:
This holiday season, Boingo and Google have cooked up a little something to take the edge off your travel excursions: the gift of airport Wi-Fi. That’s right: from November 10th to January 15th, you can access complimentary Boingo Wi-Fi at select airports in the U.S. (see list below). This limited time offer is brought to you by Google, a premier sponsor of Boingo’s Sponsored Wi-Fi Access program. Our sponsorship program benefits everyone involved by allowing:
See participating airports here. I'm off to Seattle for the first time ever. Stay tuned.

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