30 August 2009

Stimulus Brownie

HOUSTON – In my last post I failed to mention that I was at both coffeeshops in one day, hence the “hop.” So is the Wireless-less life. After a weekend of hanging out with a small white dog, I'm back at Antidote to share some great news with dessert lovers, chocoholics, et al. While I prefer savory to sweet, Barnaby’s brownie is one thing I generally don’t pass on.

The great news is that until the Dow hits 11,000, Barnaby’s in Houston is offering the Stimulus Brownie for $1. This bite-size delight is approximately a quarter of the size of the usual brownie à la mode – with an equally recession-sized scoop of that thick buttery Mexican vanilla ice cream that a even salt-lover like me can’t resist.

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