03 March 2009

A Day Spent

After a few days' hiatus because of, I don't know, other plans (and car troubles), I go back to my fancy ass gym, where I continue to feel uncomfortable until I am too exhausted to feel anything. Although for the most part I try to avert my eyes, I think that every man I "notice" is gay. The fact that they are often with another man taking turns on one machine might cause one to think so. Not that I want to meet my future husband at the gym . . . This morning, in line at Brasil, I overhear two women talking about wild salmon, which apparently is good for your skin and twice as expensive as farmed salmon. The scones at Brasil are pretty good, by the way . . . I've been working on my impersonations of The Wire characters, which include Bubbles, Kima Greggs, Lieutenant Daniels, Marlo Stanfield, Namond's moms, Snoop, Tommy Carcetti, and the crooked politician, whose name I can't remember . . . Am still getting to know my Blackberry Storm, which also means blocking my peripheral vision in the presence of iPhones.

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federito said...

There is a problem with farmed salmon. They get sea lice. And its not the lice that is the problem. They then have to treat the water because of the lice. Then you eat the treatment.