01 November 2008

This and That

I just saw this commercial during SNL. After you vote on Tuesday, get a free cup of joe (haha), on Starbucks. (Also, who is David Cook?)
Voters simply need to cast a vote, then tell the barista at their local Starbucks and they’ll receive a tall (12 oz) cup of brewed coffee at no charge (limit one per customer). In the best tradition of democracy, we’re using the honor system for proof of voting.
I assume early voters count. Since my university Coffeehouse days and the closing of Diedrich on Westheimer, I've gradually returned to Starbucks. But I feel bad about it every time. So I'm thinking I might go get that free cup of coffee and say bye-bye.

There was also a commercial for The Renaissance Festival. Which made me realize I've been blogging for more than a year now. Since the first post of Sit, Billy I've traveled to South America and Europe and back. Where will I go next, I wonder.

As I wrote once before, I don't like to change my Facebook profile too often. So here is the exclusive update:

Activities: drinking, quitting smoking

Interests: Nintendo, vampires

Favorite Music: "Troubled the Waters" (Black Kold Madina)

Favorite TV Shows: 30 Rock, America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, Mad Men, SNL, The Office

Favorite Movies: really liked Stranger Than Fiction; may go see Rachel Getting Married even though I said I wouldn't; want to see, in alphabetical order, Fear(s) of the Dark, Milk, Trouble the Water

Favorite Books: am reading The Emperor's Children (Messud) and do not like any of the characters; am excited to read Twilight (Meyer) so I can watch the movie when it comes out

About Me: lethargic, ready for winter, anxious about Election Day

David Cook sucks. He's like the football player from high school who found a "voice" and a vest and ran with it.

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