04 November 2008

Gossip Girl: My Points

Every Tuesday I read Daily Intel's delicious Gossip Girl reality points-based recap. Readers are asked to add points in the comments, which are tallied at the end of the week. Here are mine this week:

"More Realistic Than Karl Lagerfeld Inviting a Rich 17-Year-Old to His Birthday Party"
  • Jenny buys her fabric at Mood. This is annoying as the first reference of the hour. But she lives in New York, so I guess she can do that. And for not showing her actually buying the fabric à la Project Runway, plus 1.
  • Jenny's eye makeup (a reference to Halloween?). With this new bravado, she would. Plus 1.
  • Serena: "You have to admit, the licorice ring was sweet." Like a real girl obsessing about a new boy who'll be history in about a week! Plus 5.
  • Dan: "That's a one [dollar bill]." Because Rufus would—maybe—do that. Plus 1.
  • Chuck: "Humbert Humbert's name is…" If Chuck has read a book, it's Lolita. Plus 3.
  • Jenny Humphrey's logo is Ralph Lauren meets Juicy or mini Tory Burch—totally. Plus 5.
  • Lily Bass does a little Mom dance at the guerrilla fashion show. Plus 4.
  • Bro's before ho's for Jenny—totally. Plus 5.
  • Chuck knows Gossip Girl—show milestone. (Uh, did we know that already?) And of course he does. Plus 5.
  • Emma really does think it's about Muffy, and not her negligent mother issues. Plus 3.
  • Emma says to Blair, "But you're perfect." To which Blair quickly responds, "True!" Plus 2.
  • Serena cares about Dan after the girl answered Aaron's phone. I'd care, too. Plus 5.
"Faker Than Nate Mailing Jenny a Letter"
  • Emma is still reading Harry Potter. Actually, she would be reading Twilight. Minus 2.
  • Emma's reference to [The] Beatrice [Inn]. Would they let Emma in? Minus 1.
  • Dan says Nate is taller and easier to spot. Isn't Jenny/Taylor Momsen supposed to be TALL? Minus 2.
  • Is Blair off her meds? She's a bedtime regimen kind of girl; she wouldn't forget or be too lazy to take a pill. Minus 2.
  • Polaroids. Aren't they like not making them anymore? Minus 4.
  • B and S looking at an undergraduate course catalog? Yeah right. They'd be at brunch, or something. Minus 2.
  • Jenny's nowhere to be found? She's obviously going to live with Agnes!! Minus 1.

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