24 November 2008

Today I returned to the ad hell that is MySpace. Iconic Head Cabbage (left) is a placeholder for the "About me" section until I figure out what it is about me I want you to know, other than that I'm cooler than the other side of your pillow (taken by Diplo).

You'll find that my favorite books, movies, music, and TV shows are pretty consistent across both social networking sites. What you won't find on Facebook, however, is an album of ridonkulously self-indulgent "self-portraits," or photos taken with Photo Booth, poorly disguised as, you know, photography. God, I love to waste your time.

Speaking of wasting time, if you've ever liked someone, take a look at this here Dear Old Love. It's a collection of "short notes to people we've loved (or at least liked). Requited or unrequited." You email your note(s) to an Andy Selsberg who throws 'em up. Andy titles them, even if you include a clever subject that should obviously be the title. Here's mine.

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