24 October 2008

Survey Says

After seeing a small man behind the wheel of a big minivan, I decided to take a survey. When asked if they would feel emasculated behind the wheel of a minivan, guys said:

Guy 1: Not at all. Would you?

Guy 2: Hmm…not really.

Guy 3: Ha! Hmm. Maybe a little. Trying to think of a car I would feel emasculated in. Volkswagen Cabriolet is pretty emasculating, but they don't make 'em anymore.

Guy 4: Hm. Not if it were old or beat up enough that I felt it was silly…I wouldn't really feel emasculated anyway. I think maybe in a VW Beetle or a Mini.

Guy 5: Interesting question. I learned on a minivan and I hated it. It was less the fact that it was a "minivan" but more that it handled like ass and was big. I mean there was an emasculating aspect to it but that wasn't the main reason I hated it. The first time I was in a car was that Windstar and I remember driving down our back road with my mom teaching me and some seniors from my school drove up behind me so I was in the big slow moving thing that I didn't know how to control and these three guys came up behind me, got irritated, honked and passed me, so I was a little embarrassed to say the least.

Guy 6: A little.

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