28 September 2008

Project Sunday

As if I don't watch enough TV, I'm back to being hooked on Project Runway. While living in New York, watching PR at my sister and brother-in-law's apartment with a box of Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes sort of became a tradition. I miss that. But I'm in Houston now, and they're in Brussels.

Earlier today something possessed me to search for PR online, and I easily found full episodes on YouTube. I'm almost through episode 4, "Rings of Glory," where the designers are asked to create an outfit for the US female athlete to wear in the Summer Olympics opening ceremony. In other words, it's been PR marathon up in here. So far I haven't been wowed by anyone's designs. The most exciting thing thus far has been Natalie Portman's surprise appearance. And can we throw out the biker chick already? If I have to look at her skull face and listen to her bitch about anything-that-isn't-leather one more time… shh, don't tell me! Episode 12, "Nature Calls," airs Wednesday.

Turns out there was no Mad Men last Sunday. An advisory would have been nice.

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