17 September 2008


As of 8 PM CST tonight, there were still 2.26 million CenterPoint Energy customers without power. The energy company is providing outage and restoration updates on their web site. According to the latest schedule of outages by zip code, 93 percent of my zip code (77019) remains without power. That's luck. That also means I have two vacancies, in the form of one couch and one sleeping bag lined with a striped pattern à la Bert and Ernie, for anyone who doesn't have power and doesn't mind me typing the night away, or listening to Bon Iver on repeat. I have air conditioning, hot water, a slow-draining tub, and plenty of week-old sugar cookies and fresh Dunkin' Donuts coffee (I miss you, New York). You have two hours—midnight curfew, y'all!

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