17 September 2008

After Ike

Well, I lost power around 3 AM Saturday morning. Lucky me, I woke up to the rumble and chill of my A/C late Sunday morning. Many friends who live nearby are still without power, which resulted in a couple nights of girl slumber partying to the heart-wrenching music of Bon Iver, who is playing now, unless your volume is off.

I emerged from the hurricane with one leaky ceiling and an addiction to AMC's Mad Men, a show about the "ad men" (ad as in advertising) of Madison Avenue in 1960s New York. Part of the appeal, for me, is that three of the characters remind me of boys I know. It ranks nowhere near my all-time favorite Six Feet Under, but at the least I want to know what happens next. Mad Men is on Sundays at 10/9c, and it's available on iTunes, where I bought my copy.

I'm writing from the office where there is power again, as well as working Internet, which has become a hot commodity these days. Some video footage of swaying trees forthcoming. I have never seen so many trees uprooted.

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