07 July 2008

Weddings Around the World

I'VE ALWAYS LIKED ABC's World News with Charles Gibson. I've always found it educational, tasteful, and far, far better than the local news—Live at Five—that precedes it.

Today I caught the first part of Small World, a four-part series "that takes a global look at universal rituals including weddings, the family dinner, birthdays and vacations." I love stuff like this. For someone without cable television, this is the closest I get to National Geographic Channel and the like.

In case you missed Small World, here are photos from Weddings Around the World.

Also, don't miss The Bachelorette tonight. Who will DeAnna BLINKS-A-LOT Pappas pick? Jesse, the snowboarder with the label maker, or Jason, the guy with the kid?


maisie said...

I would like to request that you post a picture of Mom and Dad's wedding. What's more international than the union of two Chinese grad students from Taiwan who met at a Texas A&M honkytonk?

Alana said...

Charles Gibson is a Nazi!