01 July 2008

Aunt Linda, meet Mom

Kristen Wiig on SNL Weekend Update as Aunt Linda.

For those of you who still watch Saturday Night Live, you may know of Aunt Linda. She is a cultural correspondent of Weekend Update, and anchor Amy Poehler's aunt. I have an Aunt Linda as well—my mom. While Aunt Linda reviews movies out in theaters, Mom reviews movies out on DVD. And while Aunt Linda is kind of mean, Mom is kind of cute. Here is what Mom has to say (and wants to know) about Becoming Jane starring (the delicious) James McAvoy and (the kind of boring) Anne Hathaway.

Me: [referring to Anne Hathaway] She was one of the wives in Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada.
Mom: She was Ledger's wife?
Me: No, Heath Ledger's wife was Michelle Williams from Dawson's Creek.

Mom: Are they speaking British?

Mom: [referring to James Cromwell] I've seen that man before.
Me: He was on Six Feet Under.

Mom: Is that…Redgrave?
Me: Actually, that's Maggie Smith. She's looked like that forever.

Mom: [referring to Tom and Jane] Are they gonna get together?
Me: I don't know…

Mom: [referring to John Warren during the cricket game] He's not dressed right for this.

Mom: [referring to James McAvoy] He's too small.
Me: But you're small.
Mom: That's why I don't like small men.
Me: Fair enough. He's starring in a new movie with Angelina Jolie, you know.
Mom: Really?
Me: Yes.
Mom: But he's so small.

Me: Would you marry for money?
Mom: No.

Mom: I think Jane is a little bit stupid.
Me: For not running away with Tom?
Mom: Yes.
Me: But what if you ran away with Dad and he couldn't give money to his brother and sisters anymore?
Mom: Tom said he could earn money. But then Jane said they would live a hard life and have no love.

Mom on Becoming Jane.

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