18 July 2008

Fish tacos and horchata

I APOLOGIZE FOR MY NEGLECT. I recently joined Hometta—part modern home plan company, part architecture magazine, part resources library.

What do you like about your job? In addition to the job itself, I also like my lunch options. What about it? Everything. For those of you in Houston who seek the perfect taco, I suggest El Rey. My first day of work I was introduced to the El Rey Taco and Cuban Taco from the Shepherd location. The El Rey Taco, a grilled fish taco with "a touch of habanero mayo") was so good I couldn't stop thinking about it and simply had to order it the next day. You might be wondering why I didn't order the Cuban Taco. Probably because I couldn't decide between beef or chicken. The Cuban Taco is a beef or chicken fajita taco with black beans, plantains, and "a touch of sour cream"—an excellent combination.

A Mexican restaurant scores serious points if they have horchata on the menu, which El Rey does. And even more serious points if it's good horchata, which it is. I'm not saying El Rey serves the perfect taco in Houston, but it's hands-down delicious.

All this to say, I'm back in the hot town, cool city of Houston.

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