12 June 2008

Vibram FiveFingers

No, Vibram FiveFingers is not a new adult plaything. It's a collection of odd and wonderful footwear. It's like an aqua sock, but better.

I first learned about these five-toed creatures on a night out with one of my more environmentally minded friends. I caught a glimpse of them as she climbed into my car. After we parked, somewhere between my car and the coffee shop wine bar, my friend and I paused to admire her new footwear, a gift from a fellow recycling cyclist tree-hugger. My friend wiggled her toes on the gravel. I asked if it hurts. No. In fact, you can do much more than walk in these.

In a pair of FiveFingers, you can do all the things you always wanted to do barefoot—running, yoga, trekking, kayaking, sailing—without the hookworms and visits to the ER. This is made possible by its patented Vibram sole made from a performance rubber compound.

FiveFingers comes in Classic, Sprint (like a Mary Jane), KSO, and Flow (like a Puma Amoko?). I like the all black Classics. Which pair do you like?

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