02 June 2008

Hyper-connected girl

My friend calls me hyper-connected girl. Maybe if I still had a MySpace page and a sweet website, I would agree. Although, I have left my tracks.

Tonight, for example, I joined InterNations. My invitation had been sitting in my in-box for a few days. I imagined it was something like LinkedIn, and because every once in a while I like to type my information into required fields, I joined.

InterNations is the first international online Social Network exclusively for people living and working abroad. As a network of trust, InterNations is a place where its members can interact with other internationally-minded individuals sharing the same situation abroad, similar interests, and needs. Members of InterNations can get and keep in touch with private or work-related friends and acquaintances on a global and local level and exchange trustworthy and relevant information on specific topics with each other.

Network of trust? Sounds like a bunch of. I can just see myself, living in Paris again, getting together at La Coupole with a group of expats I've met through InterNations.

It's obvious InterNations wants to be classe, as the French might say. But if that's what it wants to be, then it's going to need a bit of a makeover.

So what do I like about InterNations? That you get to list the languages you speak. And in which countries you've lived, and when. My Dutch flag and French flag look pretty awesome on top of each other. But if that's all there is, I'm outtie, as the Americans might say.

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