26 May 2008

At your Fingertips

In February 1995, when I was eleven, I began work on my first magazine, Fingertips. At the time, I was probably "reading" my sister's Seventeens and Sassys and wanted to make my own. I can't say what inspired the name of my magazine.

Thirteen years later, I'd say I wanted to create a girls' guide to everything (almost everything, since I hadn't kissed a boy yet). I wanted to create something readily available and accessible—something at your fingertips. A magazine to help you feel good to your fingertips. At a time when maybe you're living life by your fingertips.

The February issue became the February/March issue, which eventually became the February/March/April/May/June issue.

The Fashion & Beauty feature Pretty in Pink ("You've seen Molly Ringwald's dress in the movie. There are many more! See what's pretty in pink.") reminds me just a little bit of the current NAFNAF ad campaign. It features five dresses (one design, five shades of pink) with "the most talented pig in Paris."

I look forward to sharing the first issue of Fingertips with you. Stay tuned.

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sarah said...

I love this drawing. I hope you sitll use your fingertips these days to make drawings.