27 May 2008


If you were wondering, Who's that girl [supposed to be] on the cover of Fingertips? well, it's 26-year-old Mia Ball. No, not Kristin Scott Thomas, as you might have guessed from the cover. Or Hilary Swank, as you might have guessed from page 1. Mia Ball—you don't know her. But apparently, in 1995, she'd been modeling for Fingertips for seven years, poor girl. And she fit Gap Kids? A mini skirt from GAP KIDS!, no less. Yeah, let's not go there.

The feature Remember Me? should be good. I mean, it's a reunion, a "Fingertip put together date." Like talk show make-overs and Oprah giveaways and Fingertips' own Cover Contest. It's been 36 years since they last got it on (pardon my crassness, I've been reading fuckin' Stephen Clark's A Year in the Merde), and what surprises do they have for "eachother?" Is he gay? Is he a woman? Is she a man? Is she still a woman and, multiple divorces à la Lily van der Woodsen later, wants to get back together with her old flame? Speaking of Lily van der Woodsen, check out her and Bart's wedding website. What do you think of the music? Slightly Addams Family-esque, no?

The feature Just Us Four—models reminiscing about a shared vacation (photo shoot?)—may be fodder for my therapist. Had I always wanted to stay at a Marriott hotel? My family tended to stay at the trusty Holiday Inn. Never Motel 6, but never Marriott, either. And, why, do I still want to be a model?

Love is Everywear!
I don't want to wear love, you stupid magazine. I want to be in it! Oh.

Pretty in Pink
I still haven't seen this movie. But you have, right?

Nonexistant word count:
alikeness, lustrious, Marriot, oldy

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Anonymous said...

I know it's not the point of the message but.. I was laughing knowing you'd been reading "A Year in the Merde"!!! I loved that book, I even read the second one called "In the Merde for Love" :) Enjoy!