16 April 2008


Our final review is rumored to have lasted seven hours. We survived.

We celebrated with several bottles of wine, fava beans, olives, potato chips, and what I believe were roasted chickpeas, while listening to the songs of musician-turned-architect John Casbarian.

For dinner, I returned to Le Bistrologue (74 boulevard Diderot), where I had had a rare steak and a glass of red wine before my review. At the suggestion of M, I ordered the confit de canard in , or the duck confit (€14,80), which was so good I wanted another. I mean, it's a duck leg poached in its own fat. Also try the souris d'agneau, or braised lamb shank, and the noix d'entrecôte, or sirloin steak.

We ended with drinks at Au Petit fer à Cheval (30 rue Vieille du Temple), a quaint horseshoe-shaped bar in Le Marais.

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