11 April 2008


When I told my sister that I was going for a run later that afternoon, she said, "What?! Is that even legal in Paris?"

Who would have thought that I would go for a run, in Paris. Today was the first time I wore my New Balance since I arrived in January. Feeling silly in my Awkward Running Outfit (ARO), I considered going all out and replacing the white laces with a pair of neon orange ones that I had packed with me.

Not having packed a sports bra, I wore a camisole with a built-in bra. Over which I layered a black turtleneck (an architecture student's staple) and my bright red American Apparel hoodie that should not be paired with bright blue shorts. Was my ARO a salute to France or America? And last but not least, the black Isotoner gloves that made me feel a bit shady.

I didn't need the gloves. It was warm enough to run in a T-shirt, but everyone was still in a coat and scarf. So, feeling extremely out of place, I ran as quickly as I could. For most of the run, I worried that people didn't understand what I was doing. Which is ridiculous. Passing through the Parc de Choisy, I felt less out of place. But Parc de Choisy is not very big.

When I returned to my flat, my face and thighs were as red as my hoodie. I changed into jeans, threw on a coat and went to Monoprix, where I feel much more comfortable.

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