22 January 2008

Do you see what I see?

Yesterday morning we found the above photo pinned to the red painted column in our studio. For five years, passing through the architecture school, I've stopped to look closely at these portals to our little satellite school in Paris. I would study the students' faces (always pale), clothes (always grayscale), for signs that Paris had changed them, as it did Sabrina. Later in the semester, there would be a couple photos from a review, always a student leaning against a wall with arms crossed, another student in a chair, leaning forward with hand on chin, watching another student gesturing at something. Always serious looking. How many of these photos have been posted semester after semester on that wall by the receptionist, I wonder? Sentiment aside, our associate dean, who snapped several versions of this photo, clearly picked the best shot. For those of you passing by the wall, if the same one is posted there, you'll see what I mean. Has Paris changed us? Let's wait for the next photo.

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