14 January 2008

Au Killy-Jen

28 bis, boulevard Diderot 75012 Paris

There is free Wi-Fi at Le Killy-Jen. But the place is nothing special. A man just asked if there is wifi (pronounced wee-fee), I said yes (wee), he acted pleasantly surprised, and clearly expected me to say something, so I said, C'est important pour moi (It's important for me). Moi aussi (Me too), he says. Then, he stared at me some until I seemed clearly focused on my computer screen.

Today we met our French teacher. Her name is Gaelle. She is young, smokes. The proficiency test, for the other intermediate girl and me, involved writing a letter to a couple I'd met once, asking if, while on vacation, I can stay at their home, which is apparently near Nice. My letter went something like this: "I was happy to meet you when you came to visit your son at school…dinner was super, no? This summer I will be on vacation, and is it possible for me to stay at your house during my visit? Would it bother you? We could make a lamb dish. I'll make dessert! See you soon, I hope! Kisses"

French class begins Wednesday.

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