02 November 2007


Since the stomach bug that knocked me out for most of the week, I've been loosely adhering to the temporary change in diet recommended by my doctor—lots of liquids, soft foods, no dairy, no meat. In my search for the perfect non-dairy, vegetarian soft food, I found a few at the Whole Foods on Kirby. See if they have these at your local Whole Foods.

Not much of a Prepared Foods kind of person, I nonetheless scanned the ridiculous heaps of food (where does it all go??) to see if there was anything for me. First, the Wild Mushroom Orzo ($6.99/lb). I don't know if it was meant to be eaten cold, and I think maybe so, but I warmed it up in the microwave, and it was pretty good. I followed the orzo with the Emerald Sesame Kale ($6.99/lb), which I picked out in part because it's just so beautiful! The fresh ginger was a little intense but, in general, the Kale may have turned me on to a new vegetable, thank god! I was getting pretty sick of broccoli. I bet Angelica Kitchen in the East Village has some goood kale…

And last but not least, ZenSoy vanilla pudding in the refrigerated section. It's really good.

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Izabel said...

what about the mashed potatoes i brought you? what about the kozy shack? these things deserve a mention. also, ann, i provided the vitamin water that kept you alive in the more threatening stages of your illness, those life or death moments that required my checking your email for you and also required that all the lights be left off in the hall. (it was dark; i tripped twice.) damn, the sacrifices i make. then all i read about is the after-party.