13 September 2007

Experience the Magic

The Texas Renaissance Festival is on my mind. For those who don't know, you can actually go back to the 16th century, via Plantersville, Texas, for eight weekends October through November. This year, the magic begins October 6.

I went once, maybe twice, years ago. The one time I remember, I convinced my mother to buy me a dress within fifteen minutes of entering the festival. The dress was dark pink and made of a soft crimpy material. Once I had shed my Gap Kids and changed into the dress, I convinced my mother to buy me a wreath from a fairy. The wreath was made of things that resembled dried wheat and baby's breath, and long pink and green ribbons with small bells at their ends that jingled quietly as I walked. My mom did not buy a dress but instead remained in what may or may not have been a long sleeve white turtleneck with a pair of light Lee denims. I was young and had nothing to hold up the dress, so my memory of that day consists mostly of walking around, with a drink-in-a-coconut in hand, constantly pulling up my dress.

Early this month I received an email from Erotic Cabaret Boutique with the subject Lords and Ladyes, thou wonst believeth the 2007 Renaissance Festival savings that await thee! "Shop now and save 10% on any Corset of Bustier...Hurry in now to ensure delivery before the festival!" For men, there is a seven piece pirate captain costume (hat, eye patch, scarf, hook, ruffled shirt, velvet coat, boot covers) for $150.00, or a long-sleeved chain mail shirt (one size fits most) for $149.95. Are there people who mark their calendars in anticipation for the Festival? (Enthusiasts must capitalize the F.) I think the answer is yes.

I may just revisit the Renaissance Festival this year. If for no other reason, it will be an opportunity to finally go inside The Magick Cauldron.

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maisie said...

i think you need to post the picture to convey the full glory of the moment.