20 September 2007

Il était simple comme bonjour

I'm a little bit worried about my French. I just finished a quiz (un queeze) that was not simple as hello, although I think I got the bonus question.*

I took French in middle school (food, café skits), all through high school (Rimbaud recitations, more café skits). And although I took some French at Rice (and I am taking it now), I think I stopped learning after my senior year of high school, when I took the French AP exam. And now, all I can say is, to French people I meet at parties, You know what my favorite word in French is? And they say, What? And I say, very slowly, Malheureusement. I know, if we switched places, it would go like this. You know what my favorite word in English is? What? Un...for...tu...nate...ly.

Do I know how to construct a sentence in any tense other than the present or the past? I doubt it. I never really learned English grammar, so learning French grammar is like learning two grammars at once! Ack! Anyway, I'm a little worried about my French.

*Bonus (1 pt): Ce quiz n'était pas _____ difficile _____ je le craignais. En fait, il était simple comme _____.

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